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3 Headshots
3 headshots of up to 3 OCs (or your sona) - two will be colored, your choice of which.
Headshot (Sketch+)
OC or Sona headshot, includes their sketch, and colored version.
Headshot (Color)
OC or Sona headshot with color
even if you aren't interested in being a watcher or anything - feel free to look at this journal
I have been practicing drawing humans and I've been humanizing some of my next gens (I don't have many ocs so if I ever want to try a new style I just use my next gens no matter what) and I realized that I haven't posted much stuff in a while and was wondering if I should post some of the sketches.
Comment with your thoughts
I could probably post some more story, but I am just opinion neutral on it, so if you guys want to see more story let me know, or if you want less story also let me know.
Also I'm having a bit of a design block so I won't be posting those new nextgen characters that still need a design
So just comment with your thoughts on what I should be doing, I could also try to work through my design block if you want
I've also been considering doing really cheap commissions. If anyone is interested in me doing that also comment, if I get enough yeses (I'd probably start doing this with even just one yes though) then I will post some more information about it.
If you have any other suggestions for me to do, let me know

But seriously, please comment, I would like to know what I should be working on, I've been pretty bored over summer and regretting my lack of posts even with this new found time, so please comment, even if you aren't interested in being a watcher or anything, I would just like to know what people think

The underlined stuff is the stuff I want your opinions on whether I should be doing,
the bold is mainly to let you know I really want you to comment,
the underlined, italicized, and bold line is to just try to catch the attention of people who aren't interested in being a watcher and might have opened this for some reason and weren't going to look into it because they weren't interested in being a watcher


Name: Brazen Alloy - I totally have an explanation for this name, but don't feel like putting it down right now... I'm so lazy...
Gender: Female 
Her cutie mark represents her ability to shove a product down your throat. metaphorically. we hope
Parents: Iron Will and Zecora

More personality bits stated here:…
They are trouble enough separate, but when the four hybrid girls get together, well, you're in for some real havoc.
Base by: :iconcodelauren:

From right to left:
Brazen Alloy - Daughter of Iron Will and Zecora.
   Talents and hobbies include: pressuring people into buying things they don't want or need, potion brewing, growing flowers, emasculating men.
Huntress - Daughter of ahuizotl and Daring Doo
   Talents and hobbies include: giving relationship advice, charting people's relationships, scaring the living daylights out of children and boys, flirting, sharpening her nails, manipulating people, and blackmailing people
Purity - Daughter of Discord and Celestia
   Talents and hobbies include: sitting around, pulling pranks, practicing magic, making people question their decisions, and making people unsure and uncomfortable.
Bummble Bee - Daughter of Sonata and Flash
   Talents and hobbies include: being confused, chasing butterflies, collecting flowers, and watching the clouds.

Bee is actually wearing a suit and tie, you just don't get to see the front.

Most of the hybrids get pointed ears and stuff to accent what would be an obvious physical difference in their pony form,
except bee because since Sonata looks like a normal human in EG I feel it is safe to assume the child of her and a normal person would also look normal.
I realized that I didn't actually post the redesign...
I thought that I did...
Sorry about that...
That is why her human look (and her sprite in "preview") was so different from the pony pic - that you should ignore. The first design was sooooo bad.
But yeah, I like this look so much better.
Night Lights
Name: Night Lights
Nicknames: Nights, Lights, Night, Night Light, Knights
Parents: Double Diamond and Night Glider
Grew up in a really unsupervised environment. Despite his punk-like look, he is actually a mature and reasonable guy, he just happens to be best friends with a tattoo artist who also does piercings. He also doesn't get a lot of sleep, he stays up late in hopes of getting some more attention from him mom when she gets up to go to work at night.

I'm smoothing out the designs for three more characters, he was the only of the three who I really liked right off the bat. One of them is getting pretty close, but when I was going to color it, I messed up a lot of the line work, so I'm gonna redo that sometime.
Anarchy - Anime
Based off of THIS

So this is Anarchy...
Here is his full outfit, though you can't fully see the shoes, but overall this is it. I think it turned out well, or at least better than I expected.
Well, that was my attempt at a description...
Have a nice day



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